Decisions about how one disposes of a lifetime of personal possessions can be exceedingly difficult without a sales strategy and preliminary valuation estimate.

Estate-Sale-Solutions can help.

E-S-S can help by providing you with the insights you will need by offering you

free on-site appraisal, preliminary valuations and suggestions.

“What does Estate-Sales-Solutions normally sell? Pretty Much Everything”
Our goal is to turn this room into empty space.

E-S-S sells home and patio furniture, appliances and outdoor Pottery. Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. Antique, Mid-Century, Asian, European and Modern furniture (including oriental rugs). Sports memorabilia, equipment for all sports, golf carts, fishing tackle and just about anything that is not nailed down.

Antique silver and silver plate, costume and fine jewelry and of course porcelain, glassware and all sorts of collections of baseball and other cards. E-S-S sells your old cars, newer cars, fishing boats, quads, motorcycles, lawnmowers… you got it, basically everything!