Most often, we are dealing with family members who are liquidating a relative’s estate, people who are downsizing, or individuals who wish to convert assets into cash for property divisions.

We handle all types of typical household goods, mid-century or antique merchandise, cars, boats, other vehicles and equipment collections of all kinds, clothing, sports equipment, tools & complete workshops, jewelry, books, plants…everything.

Use our website contact section, call us directly or email us using the information provided. Let us know your needs and time frame. Contact us as early as possible, the more time we have the more successful your sale will be.

Rarely, and if your circumstance warrants one, we will handle all the details. Rules for gated communities, and CC&Rs that need to be observed.

Normally, you can expect a closing statement and your proceeds sent to you by mail (or wired) 10 days after the estate sale, and 10 days after the sale of specialty items.

Yes. We hold a California sales tax certificate, collect the taxes and handle all details of credit card processing.

Nationally, estate sales company’s charge commission from 30% to 40% depending on the gross value of the sale, anticipated advertising costs, set-up, staffing, security, insurance and other expenses. Each sales is unique, and we are transparent regarding our fees.

Keep the lights on, your homeowner’s insurance current, a clean working restroom, and animals controlled. Also, please let us know about any health or safety risks from the property or products.

Please clearly mark or remove all items that you don’t wish to sell prior to our walk-through and estimate of the potential sale value. If items are removed after the valuation, commission rates can be affected, and removing popular items can significantly reduce sale attendance.

When showing a home any real estate agent will tell you this process can be emotionally stressful, and your presence may potentially intimidate buyers. The same is true for an estate sale. To achieve the most successful sale possible, we request that no family, friends, or agents be present.

The longer we have the better and the more successful your sale will be. The ideal timeframe will depend on how many items are on sale and how many items need research and/or special appraisal for pricing. A week is our preferred minimum time frame if we have nothing else on deck. More time is always better.

That depends totally on your needs. We can arrange for other services on your behalf, such as a buy-out of the remaining items, a clean-out, charity donations, and even cleaning services. After-sales services require separate proposals and should be discussed during the evaluation and contract process.