Research and Pricing

Pricing is the most challenging part of our job. We have years of experience in the marketplace, buying and selling estate goods, but seek advice and formal appraisals (at our cost) whenever necessary. Skilled research is our primary pricing tool, and the longer we have to research the greater your return will be.

We stay up-to-date on current pricing by routinely visiting local estate sales and subscribing to formal publications that establish base prices for over 30,000 items and antiques. For collection items, like coins, trading cards, and stamps we often seek input from experts in the field. We like to exhibit historical and anecdotal information to increase interest and selling prices. Where we have direct pricing comparisons we will display these authoritative references to demonstrate the validity of our pricing

Our goal is to price items simply and fairly. We carefully consider each item’s age, condition, uniqueness, demand, and current price trends to determine its value. Our goal is to set prices that attract buyers while ensuring our clients receive a good return. Since we only earn a commission on what is sold, we have the same motivation as you to achieve the highest prices.

Our commission rate for selling vehicles is usually much lower than a dealer would offer. New or old, running or not, we can find a buyer for cars, boats and other vehicles.